Levi Johnston in Playgirl (2)

Like I said, no full frontal-nudity from Levi Johnston in Playgirl. And here is the second set:

If you’re wondering who the heck he is.. this may help

“Levi Johnston is an model and actor ( he was not a model until he dropped his pants for Playgirl )from Alaska(!). He first became a media-whore gained media attention in August 2008 when Sarah Palin, who was running for Vice President on the Republican Party ticket, announced that her daughter was five months pregnant and that Johnston was the father. After the birth of the baby in December 2008, Johnston and Bristol Palin canceled their plans to marry and ended their relationship because Sarah Palin said so. Since that time, Johnston has pursued a place in the entertainment industry and he and the Palin family have engaged in public feuds.” (Wikipedia.com)

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3 thoughts on “Levi Johnston in Playgirl (2)

  1. Paul Sprite says:

    Next time I’ll update something more interesting and worthwhile – I promise. It’s just Johnston brought in my blog’s traffic. Yesterday alone, my blog got 460 hits!!

  2. I even now can’t imagine that lindsay whom we know as at this moment is the same lindsay which starred in herbie the love bug as well as mean girls. It’s a total travesty to observe the way the courts have dealt with this and the way a hollywood corporation payed off 7 figures for the story immediately after she gets away from jail. nothing sexier then hollywood glorifying felony activity. The entire lohan household are absolutely out of their minds. Dina as well as Micheal made such a good job…not.

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